Why should you Plant-Your-Air?

What You Breathe ?

Indoor air is 5X more polluted than outdoor air and we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors.

Short-Term Effect

Short term exposure to indoor air pollutants leads to increased cases of allergies, eye-nose-throat irritation, headaches, dizziness, etc.

Long-Term Effect

Long term exposure causes cancer, asthma and other lung problems that can be fatal to humans.

Harmful Air Pollutants






How can Plant-Your-Air help you ?

Helps You Breathe

Our products remove upto 87% of VOCs every 24 hours that helps purify the air and decrease fatigue, cold and cough, headache, and sore throat.

(Based on Nasa Research)

Improves Your Health

Adding certain plants to hospital rooms, improves recovery rates, lowers heart rate and blood pressure in patients, who are released from the hospital sooner.

(Based on Kansas Sate University Research)

Improves productivity at Work

Sickness rates fell by more than 60% in offices with certain plants. Healthier employees bring in much more profits for any company they work for.

(Based on Research by Agricultural University of Norway)

Our Services

Air Quality Monitoring

Our monitoring process involves taking readings and communicating scientific information in a simple user-friendly way.

Based on these reports a customised plan is created so that we are able to fill your home with oxygenated clean air.

Plant Your Space

Looking for something to add life to your space, purify the air around you and make you fall in love with your space all over again?

Our talented team scientifically optimises your space with natural products that are most effective for your surroundings.


Our system has a long life, we will nurture the air at your doorstep. So, here we welcome a long term relationship with you.

Our well trained and experienced gardeners take care of your plants like their own children. Your plants are your assets and we help these assets grow so you reap its numerous benefits with time.

About us

We are a team of professionals who deliver fresh air to increase your efficiency and productivity. Our idea is multidimensional with the idea of optimizing your space in the most effective and natural way via incorporating different products that work in harmony thereby creating a self sustaining natural system.

What We Do ?

Our Solution is a blend of nature & science that purifies the air around you by incorporating natural products that work in harmony to create a sustainable solution. We optimise your space in the most effective and natural way that successfully brings down the concentration of harmful pollutants.

Our Vision

We believe a breath of fresh air is every person’s right and we strive to inculcate Green living as a lifestyle to achieve our motive. We need to look at sustainable options to live life and this is the ideology on which our business is based upon.

Our Portfolio

Terrace Garden

Terrace garden is your warrior to combat air pollution.

Restaurant Terrace

In the midst of this green cover, the food will always be a little too delecious.

Indoor Plantspacing

A Pinch Of Green To Beautify And Purify Your Air


Gardens create your first impression so let it be your best one.

Green Walk Way

Cleans The Air And Keeps The Client Healthy

Office Space

Productivity Improved After Incorporating Air Purifying Plants

Terrace Garden

Terrace garden is your warrior to combat air pollution.

Gardening Service

Plants Are Your Assets And We Take Proper Care Of Them With Our Quality Gardening Service

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