Poem On Sustainable Development

Where this generation's utilisation of resources is just on the button;

where satisfaction caters our needs rather than the urge of gluttons.

Where exploitation is sidetracked by our judicious exploring ability;

such a nation is what we demand, its supply being environmental sustainability.

Sustainable development doesn't constrain our desires. We, in no way, are restricted from using the reserves in store. This development, in fact, guides us for the resources' diplomatic use so that our future generation can also meet its needs.

If articulated commercially, it can be framed that sustainability fetters our impulsive spendthriftiness and makes us invest for future gains. Ever since we have longed for an unbroken environment, this environment requires protection; let us rather create one which doesn't need any. Investment, not an expenditure, development not devastation, prudent use of resources, not its exertion, drives you to sustainability characterizing you as pound wise not penny foolish.

- Vatsala