Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Connecting with nature is one’s own preference. You can connect with nature no matter where you are. Living in a multi-storied apartment and your hectic daily schedules should not hinder you from connecting with nature, you can easily have a small garden in your home. If not, we have another way out for you, talking of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp- not just a ‘glowing orb’, but genuinely a magical globe.

Before we dive into knowing health the benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, let me first introduce you to this magical substance so first of, what is Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp?

A Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is an essentially large chunk of Himalayan salt with a bulb installed inside it. When warmed, they release negative ions that are meant to cleanse the air and energize you. They also have the ability to light up your mood too.


  • In our lives full of hustle and bustle, our mind and body both get exhausted by the end of the day, so to have a sound sleep install this miraculous ball as the negative ions of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp increases the blood and oxygen supplies to the brain, making Himalayan salt lamps great at improving the quality of your sleep.
  • It’s time that you purify your air with “Plant Your Air”, not for any other reason but to keep yourself away from all the contaminants in the air around you. So, this stems from hygroscopic properties of the lamp as it attracts and absorbs water molecules with contaminants inside, from the surrounding environment, and captures them into the magic orb.
  • At present 25% of the population suffers allergy in India. 5% of them are suffering from asthma and even in developed countries like the USA, there is 10% increase in Asthma patients every year. So here is PLANT YOUR AIR at your service, with the Himalayan rock salt lamp which is believed to filter out dust, mould, mildew and pet dander from the indoor air. The lamp uses salt to clear airways and helps to relieve allergy symptoms of all kinds.
  • In our super busy schedules, we leave no time for ourselves, to relax. This salt lamp claims to keep us energised as the positive ions sap our energy, so the negative ions work in a reverse manner by relaxing and rejuvenating our bodies.
  • We all are deeply surrounded by electronic radiations created in the name of technological advancements like television, fridge, air-conditioners, mobile phones, tablets etc., so in short, we are living in a shell of positive ions which attenuates our energy and makes us feel lethargic which even sound sleep is not able to compensate to. So, to neutralise the positive ions released from all the electronic appliances and gadgets and bring in the feel of mountain fresh air to your home we have this lamp for you which would work the best by emitting negative ions into the air and will retain the clean and fresh air which will keep you active.
  • Last but not the least Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp stands by our motto of connecting you to the nature, this product is a gift of Mother Nature as the lamp uses a low-wattage bulb which consumes very little energy while other fancy power lit lamps are a reason of your lengthy bills.

  • - Shivanshi