7 Benefits Of Air Purifying Plants

June 26, 2014 By Vatsala

Clear skies, smooth roads, calm seas and your inclination for such impeccable paths. We forget that beautiful journeys do not necessarily lead us to the right destinations. Driving you through all these routes is not what ' Plant your air' can legitimately claim for. This start-up is rather for your start off from the right track, so that all consecutive destinations fall into place, making you achieve the required goals.

Poem On Sustainable Development

June 26, 2014 by Vatsala

Where this generation's utilisation of resources is just on the button; where satisfaction caters our needs rather than the urge of gluttons. Where exploitation is sidetracked by our judicious exploring ability; such a nation is what we demand, its supply being environmental sustainability.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

June 26, 2014 by Shivanshi

Connecting with nature is one’s own preference. You can connect with nature not matter where you are. Staying in a multi storied apartments and your hectic daily schedules should not hinder you from connecting with nature, you can easily have a small garden in your home. If not, we have another way out for you, talking of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp- not just a ‘glowing orb’, but genuinely a magical globe.

5 Ways To Take Care of Plants

June 26, 2014 BY SHIVANSHI

Are you ready for summer?

Settling into springtime and stepping towards scorching heat, what doesn’t needs a little care and attention? From your body to your electricity bills, from your vacations to your mood, everything needs care. So here are five ways to take care of plants in this blistering heat:

Living Wall

June 26, 2014 By VATSALA

Not a suffocating, lifeless wall again, it is a living wall this time to adorn your surroundings. You become indeed ready to build up a bridge out of these walls; a bridge which narrows the gap between you and the feeling of utmost glee of breathing in freshness.

7 Eco-Friendly Products

June 26, 2014 BY SHIVANSHI

In the last decade or so, eco-friendly products have become extremely popular as people are making an effort to be kinder to the environment, as well as their wallets. So here are 7 eco-friendly products that one can use to take care of our environment and themselves.

8 Economical & Natural Ways to Beautify your Indoor Spaces with Air Purifying Plants

June 26, 2017 BY SHIVANSHI

Micrococcus, Staphylococcus, Bacillus… Ever heard of these deadly creatures? They have the ability to pierce your body and make you as dead as a doornail. To shun this problem completely, here are 8 economical and natural ways in which you can beautify your indoor spaces with air purifying plants.

Artificial Air Purifiers are Harming your Health in More Ways than you Know. Here is How.

June 26, 2017 BY VATSALA

An era of materialization, a generation arrested by the hollowness of artificiality has evoked yet another solution to tackle the man-made generated pollutants. Ironically, 'artificial air purifiers' are the unravelment of these pollutants which in itself are man-made. This artificiality and the effects of its quick pace have long-term hazards which will definitely make you cautious and provoke you to take a step back.

Air Purifying Bag


Cleanse your air with Plant Your Air! We understand that one does all that one can to keep odours away from their houses or workspaces, as nobody likes odour, who does? But by adding scented candles or fragrance bags in your air, aren’t you just temporarily covering up the problem? Here's what you should try: Air-purifying bags. Seriously! Its been used for centuries in Japan.